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La fawn duh

i luv yo cake baby

14 March
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i am the product of two humans
311, 7am, a bronx tale, abigial, acdc, al pacino, alkaline trio, andrew w k, armor for sleep, atreyu, autopilot off, beach boys, being italian, being pressured, being tired, benihanas, billy idol, black sabbath, blink 182, blues travlers, bosstones, bottom line, boxcar racer, buddy rich, cadillacs, carter beauford, casino, charlie murphy, chevelle, chicago, clouds, coffee, coheed and cambria, coldplay, common, computers, concerts, coolio, copeland, counting crows, d 12, dave chappelle, dc, dean martin, deftones, drums, eating, eating right, fat boy slim, finch, fragments, frank sinatra, free stuff, fruit, funeral for a friend, gangstar, gene krupa, getting laid, ghetto boys, goldfinger, goodfellas, graduating, green day, harley quin, hate politics, hatebreed, hating the govnerment, hey mercedes, high gas prices, high speed chases, horoscopes, hot hot heat, hypocondriac, i like: brand new, incubus, ja rule, jack johnson, jimmy eat world, life, listening to music, lit, low gas prices, lucifer, ludacris, midtown, mint 6 ten, movies, mudvayne, musicians, my friends, my hotel year, nas, nature, new found glory, nine inch nails, no doubt, nofx, noise ratchet, not sleeping, on side red, orange county drums, outkast, pharcyde, pharell, playing music, prodigy, pulling pranks, queens of the stoneage, radiohead, rage against the machine, reel big fish, respectful people, robert deniro, saturday nights, scarface, scene it, scooter, senses fail, silverchair, sister hazel, sleeping, snoop dogg, stone temple pilots, sublime, super orgy porno party, system of a down, taking back sunday, tea, thrice, thursday, van halen, video games, violent femmes seven am, whitesnake, women, yellowcard